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A Tale of Two Cyber Exercises: Exclusive Interview with Zach Tudor of Idaho National Lab

In the annals of 1980s cinematic history, WarGames was a film that tapped into a lot of futuristic tropes of the time. It was the first introduction many in the public had to the idea of hacking, and certainly popularized the idea that military war games exercises were used to hone defenses against potential digital attacks.

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Today's Landscape

Ransomware is expected to cost businesses and organizations $11.5 billion in 2019. Ransomware attacks aren’t slowing down any time soon. They will cost organizations an estimated $11.5 billion this year alone— and from individual computer users to governments, nobody is exempt. In fact, just recently, the local government of Jackson County, Georgia, had to pay $400,000 in ransom due to a ransomware attack and North Carolina’s Orange County experienced its third ransomware attack in six years.

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Single Greatest Challenge

We are living in a historic moment – a market revolution, unprecedented in its speed, computational power, and interconnectedness. New innovations have transformed everything: how we bank, how we move, how we eat, how we live. This market revolution is also unusual for its dependence on electrical power and the utility grid. At the risk of stating the obvious, the grid is the single most important piece of infrastructure. Indeed, national security, economic prosperity, and the well-being of all people depend on the global energy infrastructure.

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